About NSW Small Business Month

Racine Bakery: a NSW small business

NSW Small Business Month is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the success of small businesses and recognising the important role they play in the NSW economy and their local communities.

The state’s small business sector employs an estimated 1.65 million people across NSW and makes up almost 44% of the private sector workforce. As the home to 765,000 small businesses, NSW is building an ecosystem to support growth.

The NSW Government is committed to supporting small business through a range of programs, policies and initiatives. A key part of that support is NSW Small Business Month in October.

Together, we can:

  • Connect government, industry, the small business community and the public with the products, services and thought leadership they need to thrive
  • Connect small business owners in NSW to each other so they can tap into a support network and knowledge base to help them build stronger businesses
  • Highlight NSW as a small business friendly state, where it’s easier to start, grow and run a resilient small business