Collaboration Partners

Tomolly Carcoar: a NSW small business

NSW Small Business Month provides an opportunity for collaboration partners to connect with small business communities across NSW and work alongside the NSW Government.

October 2018 brought a huge celebration for small businesses in NSW. With the overwhelming support from 113 participating councils and 43 collaboration partners, we were able to deliver 361 engaging and informative small business focussed events which attracted over 19,500 business owners from across the state. Our collaboration partners included the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xero, ATO, NSW TAFE and Australia Post.

There is no financial outlay to participate with us on NSW Small Business Month in 2019 as a collaboration partner.

We’ve identified seven major themes relevant to small businesses to ensure we capture the wide-ranging needs of our state’s entrepreneurs which will guide collaboration partners in their event planning.

Becoming a collaboration partner provides many direct and indirect benefits to your organisation, including:

Corporate social impact: Help our state’s small business community with events and tools that boost productivity and connectivity, and celebrate the contribution small businesses make to the economy.

Brand association: Build your organisation’s profile within the small business community by supporting a renowned, government-led small business festival.

Networking opportunities: Engage with small businesses and industry leaders throughout the festival.